Vibes Hair And Beauty Excellence

It's the small things that are important in creating an excellent salon experience for clients. A friendly, welcoming environment, a relaxing head massage, comfy recliners at the wash basins or a tasty espresso.  You'll find all this and more at Vibes Hair and Beauty Excellence.

The salon has undergone total a refurbishment to bring clients the ultimate in comfort and style. The fun and friendly team of Michael, Missy, Krystina, Vlada and Sarah are committed to bringing some "City Sass" to Belfast and offering nothing less than the very best hair and beauty services.

We all want healthy, shiny hair but we all know how much we love to colour and how this can affect our hair! 
Hair is held together by chemical bonds which stop the hair from breaking. However each time we lighten or chemically change our hair we weaken the hairs structure which is like "internal scaffolding"
This is where NAK Structure Complex comes in - Repairing the "internal scaffolding".   This repair treatment is formulated with patented anti-breakage system it strengthens the hairs internal structure, helps prevent breakage and seals and shines the outer layer of the hair for smooth, healthy locks. 

Available in salon as an add in to your colour service or a stand alone 'Anti Stress Treatment' 
Now only $35 - whilst your in salon ask us about the amazing Structure Complex retail products to maintain your healthy hair at home.